Sarah Angell has now retired as a solicitor. Angell & Co has closed. We thank all of our clients for their custom over the last 28 years. If you would like to find a reputable family law solicitor in Bath who is practising please go to the Resolution website

Solicitors Costs

Getting the right legal advice and support is vital at this difficult time. At Angell & Co, we want to ensure that there is an option available that is affordable for you. So we have developed four different pricing options with different degrees of support. Please talk to us to find the right option for you.

You may just want a one off consultation without further commitments.


1. Fixed Fee Divorce

Fixed Fee Divorce £500

If you are starting a divorce against your partner, we will manage every step of the divorce for £500 inc VAT. This will include

  • A 30-minute initial face-to-face interview
  • Drafting the divorce papers
  • Starting the process at court
  • Applying for the divorce decree
  • Keeping you advised on progress at every stage
More about this fixed fee divorce

Fixed Fee Divorce £ 200

If your partner starts the divorce, we can offer a similar service for £200 inc VAT. We will

  • Advise you about the divorce papers received
  • Draft your reply
  • Deal with court correspondence
More about this fixed price divorce

A fixed fee divorce is only available where the divorce is not contested by one or both partners, and does not cover advice regarding property, finances, children or domestic violence. We can arrange fixed fee packages to assist in those areas. Please ask us for more details.

Fixed fee divorces also do not include:

  • Any disbursements such as court fees. The court charges £550 but you may be exempt from paying the fee or eligible for a reduced fee. We can advise on this.
  • Arrangements of personal service such as bailiffs or process servers.
  • Attendance at any court hearings. We can arrange this for an extra fee
  • Dealing with court requests for medical evidence.
  • Additional face-to-face interview time in excess of the initial 30 minutes.

Any requests for advice or help on these issues, or additional face-to-face interviews, will be charged at our normal hourly rates.

Fixed fee charges are payable in advance. We welcome payments by credit and debit card, at no extra charge.


2. Pay As You Go

If you want to run your own case, accessing our professional legal advice only when you feel you need it, a pay as you go solution may be right for you.

There are no letters, emails or phone calls, so costs stay low. You pay at the end of any interviews, at our normal hourly rate, so you stay in complete control of your costs.

To make this work, you will need to be:

  • Emotionally strong enough to negotiate with your spouse or partner.
  • Well-organised, ready to keep paperwork in order and respond promptly to letters from the court or your spouse or partner’s solicitor.

With a pay as you go solution, if you don’t feel confident enough to represent yourself in court, we can also arrange for one of our experienced barristers to do so, at an agreed fee paid in advance.


3. Bespoke Service

For over 25 years, Angell & Co has helped hundreds of clients through difficult and traumatic divorces and other family disputes. Where issues are not straightforward, and you want us to look after every aspect of your case at a difficult time, the bespoke service may be right for you.

With this service, we will

  • Deal with all legal documentation, correspondence, advice and representation at court (if that proves necessary).
  • Offer one-to-one interviews when you need them.
  • Be available by telephone and email during office hours to address your queries promptly.
  • Provide highly professional advice based on 30 years of successful legal experience throughout the case.

Our bespoke service is charged at our normal hourly rates. We will do our best to advise you on the likely cost of a case, and additional costs that may arise particularly with complex property, pension, financial and child-related issues.

We are also happy to discuss a monthly payment plan, to help spread costs.


A one-off initial consultation

Sometimes, you aren’t sure what’s the right course for you. You may just want a little advice at this stage without making any further commitments.

Our one-off initial consultation, charged at £75 inc VAT, may be the best solution at this stage. We will meet you for up to 30 minutes and discuss all your options.

The fee is payable when you book the consultation. We regret that because our waiting list for interviews is so long, we cannot refund the fee unless you cancel at least 48 hours beforehand (Monday interviews should be cancelled before 3pm on Friday).


EU dispute resolution

If we enter into a contract with you and/or you become our client of our firm by electronic means (such as by e-mail or online) then, in addition to any rights of redress you may have through the Legal Ombudsman, you may be entitled to use an EU online dispute resolution platform to assist with any complaint or dispute you may have about our services. This online platform can be found here. Our e-mail address is